ABA was established by a group of former basketball athletes, who in realizing their own experiences and the efforts of others in realising their dreams are excited and committed in helping to develop the next group of potential stars in Aboriginal communities.

The group brings a broad range of basketball and life experiences as well as a wealth of intellectual capital. All members have participated in playing basketball at the national level and /or professional level, as well as possessing a number of educational degrees. This further confirms the Academies purpose and its belief in achieving in both athletics and academics.

ABA is committed to the development of Aboriginal student athletes. We have a wide range of networks and a comprehensive list of resources and supports. These resources and supports have help to build the infrastructure that support development initiatives, basketball scholarships to institutions of higher learning and support mechanisms for student athletes during their academic years away from home.

patty mills

2017 (Year 1)

Our first year as an Academy saw 10 students graduate and receive a Certificate 3 in Sport and Recreation.

We could not have achieved what we did in year one if it wasn’t for the support and belief of the Leaders and teachers at Woodville High School. Their partnership will always be appreciated and respected.

The study location was Brocus House in Woodville, our basketball component was located at St Clair (old facility prior to redevelopment).

2018 (Year 2)

Year two saw 21 students complete their Certificate 3 in Fitness. This was our first year partnering with SAASTA, we had to move locations due to the St Clair renovation, all of the study and basketball was located at the Port Adelaide Recreation Centre.

We appreciate the support of Basketball SA and the West Adelaide Basketball Club for making our surroundings as comfortable as possible. Specialist coaches included Everett Osborne, Daniel and Tahlia Fejo.

2018 group photo
2019 group photo

2019 (Year 3)

Year three sees us back at the fully refurbished St Clair, this state of the art facility is ensuring our 17 students are well looked after, the study and basketball environment is first class.  The YMCA staff have been very supportive and have bought into our ethos and goals for these students.

All of the students are currently studying Aboriginal Studies. Specialist coaches this year include Sherrie Session and Tahlia Fejo.

2020 (Year 4)

After a successful graduation trip to the USA we are back stronger than ever for 2020, 33 new students including 9 females.

This year we have brought our Academy alongside Netball and Soccer,  this will allow our students to study one of four subjects on offer. Fitness, Sport and Recreation, Hospitality and Aboriginal Studies.

Once again we are located at the YMCA run St Clair Recreation Centre.

Head Coach Tim Brenton
Mentor Joey Wyatt
Specialist American Coach Joey Hewitt

2020 class
2021 ABA

2021 (Year 5)

This year we are continuing to share resources with Netball SA and Metrostars Soccer club at St Clair. The ABA has 33 students enrolled for 2021. We have eight year 10 students, nineteen year 11 students and seven year 12 , students. For the first time we have twelve female students in the program.

Students have been able to pick from three subjects this year, Aboriginal Studies, Certificate III in Fitness and Aboriginal Leadership.

Mentor Joey Wyatt continues his role in the classroom and as a support on the court. We welcome Scott Whitmore as the new head coach, Tim Brenton while still involved at board level has taken a deserved break from the day to day coordination of the program.

Scott will be supported by American player Joe Jackson and female coach Chloe Purvis. Tim Maloney 1996 wheelchair basketball Gold Medalist is also pictured here.