Forging the next generation of Aboriginal leaders

We’re an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation helping year 10-12 students in South Australia complete school while learning and enjoying the game of basketball

  • Developing social & life skills
  • Improving health & wellbeing
  • Opening doors for tertiary education & apprenticeships
  • Teaching Aboriginal culture & history

How to Apply

We hold trials each year for acceptance into our life-changing program—positions are limited and impacted by our funding.

Simply sign up to be notified when trials begin, or check in with your school’s Aboriginal coordinator for updates.

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What our kids say

Being a part of ABA meant a lot to me. It was always a safe place for me where I really felt like I belonged. The program helped me reconnect with my culture and understand my identity, while also allowing me to do what I love, which is play basketball. It wasn’t just the basketball aspect that was great but getting to connect and create friendships with all the ABA students and teachers made the space a place where I really felt loved and included.


Being in the Aboriginal basketball academy has helped me to reconnect with my culture and given me a great understanding of our identity. I would also say that it is also great to build a strong bond with all the Aboriginal basketball players in the academy.


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It doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact. Imagine how much we can do to help our kids with your support.


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